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Jesus Christ, also known as "The Messiah", died on the cross
on April 14, 27 A.D. Jesus was born on January 6, 5 B.C. in
Bethlehem, Judea to Mary. Jesus was raised by His mother and
step father Joseph.  His half brothers are James, Joseph, Simeon
and Jude.  His family tree contains many prominent people in
history, including King David and Abraham.
Jesus was trained as a carpenter, then returned to His family business with His
Father, after His baptism by John the Baptist.  He became a minister, traveling the
towns and villages of Galilee and Judea, preaching the word of God. Jesus performed
many miracles, including the raising of Lazarus.
On Saturday, April 8, 27 A.D., Jesus arrived in Bethany. On Sunday, a crowd flocked
to greet Jesus because many now believed Jesus was their Messiah.  On Monday,
Jesus made a triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  On Tuesday, Jesus cursed the Fig Tree
and drove away the traders and money changers from the temple.  On Wednesday, the
Fig Tree withered and the disciples asked how it happened so quickly?  Jesus replied,
"You can have anything you ask for in prayer if you believe".  On Thursday, the Last
Supper was held and, later that night, Jesus was betrayed by Judas Iscariot and arrest-
ed.  On Friday, Jesus was crucified and buried.  On Saturday, Jesus was in His tomb.
On Sunday, Jesus was resurrected.
For 40 days after His Resurrection, Jesus talked to His disciples about continuing to
spread the word of God to the people of all nations.
Survivors include the millions of His children who have accepted and acknowledged
the fact that Jesus died for their sins.
In lieu of flowers, remembrances may be made to Jesus Christ, through your
thoughts and prayers of gratitude, in living your life the way Jesus would want you to.
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