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Our main business is embroidery and screen printing. If you are an ex-Lancer that owns a business, works at a business, or plays on a sports team, we can take care of  your business needs. We can digitize a company logo if you do not have one at this time, or work from something you already have. Here are a couple example's of our work.

Cannon's Rib Express.JPG

Cannon's Rib Express

5410 N.E. 33rd Ave

Portland, Oregon 97211


Mystery Gallery.JPG

Mystery Gallery

13750 S.E. McLoughlin Blvd

Milwaukee, Oregon 97222

Cooper's Auto.JPG

Coopers Auto

10356 N.E. Halsey

Portland, Oregon 97220

(503) 253-9323

Hank's Boots & Workwear.jpg

Hanks Boots & Workwear

8878 N.E. Sandy Blvd

Portland, Oregon 97220

Columbia Harley Davidson.JPG

Columbia Motorcycle

Harley Davidson

1314 N.E. 102nd St.

Vancouver, WA 98686

Grocery Outlet

Portland, Oregon

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